Valsassina Trekking

The most beautiful trekking and MTB routes between nature and breathtaking views, between Cremeno and Maggio.

Discover a unique spot in Valsassina

Discover a unique spot in Valsassina, the naturalistic area of the town of Cremeno, located in the Orobic Pre-alps. The upland Valsassina is a green oasis just a few minutes away from the city: it offers different vacation spots and uncontaminated mountains perfect for everyone, both for sports lovers and slow tourism lovers, all-year round. Cremeno and Maggio are the main holiday locations and starting points to head to the top of Monte Due Mani (1666 m), or to the Culmine of S. Pietro that connects Valsassina to Val Taleggio.

Here you will find the main trekking paths and MTB tracks, many tours with different lenghts and difficluty levels, suitable both for expert excursionists looking for new challenges and for beginners who want to enjoy the surrounding nature.

Keep attention to the weather conditions

In these last days, with the return of spring in the city, there are injuries and difficulties among hikers who underestimate the weather conditions at high altitude or they haven’t the right equipment.

Reopens the Culmine-Morterone road

The agro-silvopastoral road between Culmine di San Pietro and Morterone is now passable again. The road was closed last December because of the ice that made the passage dangerous.

Trekking Paths

MTB Tours

Trekking Paths

MTB Tours

Everything you’re looking for

The landscape is characterized by green rangelands, woods of birch and beech, rocks and rivers that flow through the valley. The tracks leading to the moutain tops show a breathtaking view of Valsassina and the surrounding moutains, Grigna and Resegone, and the lakes of Brianza, Como and Lecco.

How to get there

You can easily reach the area from Lecco, Como, and Milan in no more than an hour, either by private or public transport, and even by bike on well-known cycling roads.


The area is accessible all-year round thanks to the paths and mule tracks that are easily walkable, the moderate heights, and the possibility to choose the hike that fits you best.

valsassina trekking