This is one of the best itineraries in the area - ideal for e-MTBs - it reaches the Culmine di S. Pietro, starting from Casere (in Maggio) and passing through Bocchetta di Desio.

The ascent is on a dirt road. Follow an uphill dirt road, only the last stretch is on a track, that leads to the marvelous fields of Bocchetta di Desio. The itinerary does not present any particular difficulties; for the return we suggest to start from Bocchetta di Desio and go back towards Casere.
Those who are more experienced can continue the itinerary towards Bocchetta di Redondello (at a higher altitude), which can be reached on a path with ups and downs, until the agro-forestry-pastoral path, from here you can easily reach the Culmine di S. Pietro.
Follow the indications for the Old Road, a dirt and downhill road with some rocks along the way, not to be underestimated. The path crosses the locality of Ussola and ends at the source of San Lorenzo (Maggio), from here you can easily return to Casere.